TrafficLight (TrafficlightSG) is a Social Media Influencer Marketing Agency. The Social Media is a lucrative marketing channel and it has taken the world by storm. More and more companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon to provide value to their consumers. Almost everyone is hooked to social media today. Everywhere, everyone is staring into their mobile devices constantly, often on social media sites, what better way than to bring your BRAND right to their palms.


 Trafficlight uses our social media influencers and leverage on their followers to market brands and services. Social media influencers are also known as Social Media Celebrities (SMCs) as they are followed and watched closely by their fans and followers. Using our SMCs, we bring brands closer to their diverse audience and most importantly to your targeted audience.


 Trafficlight Creates trusted campaign Content and Chooses a social media Celebrity with a deep social reach to achieve your brand goals. Let us bring your campaigns to life and amplify your business today.


Social Media Marketing

Tap on the current storm of social media! It is time you used this to your advantage to market your brand and message. Our expertise in the various social media outlets will help you strengthen your brand and relationship with your clients keeping them engaged and satisfied . Using fresh content, monthly campaigns, sales funnels and reports, you can be assured that your online presence is in safe hands with us.

Social Media Celebrities

Our exclusive influencers have an immense followership that wants to upkeep the trend set by our SMC’s. Our SMC’s can be the perfect ambassadors to elevate your brands and products. Being highly influential and tech savvy, use the power of word of mouth and credibility to spread the message of your brand or product. We have Social Media Celebrities from all walks and lifestyles who are tailored to your product.

Branding & Consultancy

Our specialised marketing packages are tailored for brands and products to reach their target audience through the use of social media network. Our services will help elevate newcomers in the market and for established players, our marketing team will add freshness to your brands and products. We study your brand’s skeleton and help you identify your market so that you would be connecting to the right demographic in the most appealing way.


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